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Duoshoot is a retro-ish space shooter game developed for the 2 Buttons Jam. In it you fly to the right, while other ships try to destroy you because that's what enemies do! Try to take down as much enemy ships as possible while dodging lasers and catching power-ups to boost your performance! But don't go too far off the screen, or else you get lost in space.


In Duoshoot you only need two buttons: one to shoot, and one to change directions. Bam. It's that simple.

Who are you in the game?

You're a blue ship. You need to go to the right because you want to. There's no other reason.


The items are simple. One makes you shoot 2 additional lasers per gun, three give you 1, 2, or 3 shields to protect yourself, and one gives you one more life.

How are the points determined?

You gain more points when you shoot an enemy from further away. All of you with 32:9 monitors, good luck!


If there are any glitches, especially on the Mac and Linux versions, please share them so I can fix them!


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