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This game is not yet completed, and as such, may change after further updates.
Warning: This game has loud noises, flashing lights and hints of blood.

Fear and Solitude

Fear and Solitude is a horror title in which you explore an abandoned facility, and venture inside it to retrieve six special cartridges. But you're not alone in there. Or are you?

You also need to be careful when exploring, since your flashlight has limited battery. But what if there are spare batteries scattered across the facility? But do watch out, if you change your batteries too much, your flashlight will run out of power faster.

Do you have what it takes to surpass your own fear?

All assets used in the game were made by phyvebyte during the Scream Solstice 2019 Game Jam on Itch.Io, with the exception of the following assets:
Metal Floor Texture - Textures.com
Wooden Window Texture - Textures.com
Siren Metallic Texture - Textures.com
Bedroom Texture - Unity/ProBuilder
Air Ducts - HQ Air Ducts Kit by HQ PBR
Map Decoration - Low Poly Office Props LITE by RRFreelance & Realistic Furniture And Interior Props Pack by Sevastian Marevoy


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This was really cool! Great atmosphere, challenging gameplay. I sucked really bad at this, so I couldn't beat it. Here's my playthrough: 


Thank you! :) I really liked your gameplay!

damn im sorry i could not play this because of my optiplex 990 and that is a good reason to upgrade

I also like this game but the thing that I hate is I can not pick up anything if they on the table! Please fix it. 

Thank you! On the latest update (b0.1.1) this issue is fixed, as far as my tests have showed! Check it out if you're interested! ;)

So Dark...

Thank you for playing! I really liked your gameplay!! :) I'm going to take some things you said into consideration when making an update! ;)

Cool monster! Took me a while to figure out how to pick up stuff. Timecode 1:02

Thank you! •u•


Thank you for playing! If you're interested, the latest version fixes the issue with collecting items!

Good game dev but needs some work on it i know it's not yet completed but i think this game si gonna be a big one , i hope you enjoy my gameplay :) 

Thank you! I really enjoyed your gameplay! Yeah, it's supposed to work, I'm gonna try to fix that!

Thank  you so much  for watching , i'm glad you liked it and giving you a bug :) .

Hello! If you're still interested, I posted a fixed version of the game! (•▽•)