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"Dave was walking around in a special halloween that occurred every 666 years. that haloween was in a friday the 13th. he was walked alone in the woods when he was a cheap game at a yard sale. Dave bought the game but guy at the garage sale warned him that he would be died if he played that game. Dave didn't not care, and he find a tv with a note saying "play if your not scarred". He played game, but someone was followed him. Dave Michael is now running around to catch all 9 haunted cartridges before the spooky man gets him. oooo"

That Scary Game Everyone's Playing is a sort-of humerous and funny but also kind of spooky game that pokes fun of horror games and horrible creepypastas.

You play as a random someone that for some odd and convenient reason goes out to the woods alone at midnight without anything but a gosh darn flashlight that is poorly manufactured and makes the bulb explode if used for too long. BUT THE THING IS, you're not alone. You are being followed by the Spooky Man. He wants to kill you apparently. And for another reason, you must collect 9 haunted cartridges to escape the Spooky Man. But the Spooky Man gets angry if you steal his cartridges, and he doesn't like exploding bulbs! So do keep that in mind!

And remember! If you die, someone's bound to make a creepypasta out of you!


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